New Pet Product - Designer Cat Playhouses

Cranston, RI - June 19: Cranston Rhode Island based company debuts an innovative and fun 'indoor cat playhouse' that is a colorful, affordable 'toy hide out' for cats, and proposes a great photo opportunity for the cat owner. As seen in Cat Fancy Magazine, One Purrfect Place product line debuts with three very uniquely styled playhouses trademarked as Birdie RanchTM, Hunter's HutTM and One Purrfect PalaceTM - each with its own Deed of Ownership. Two more designs set for release end of 3rd quarter 2009 - Lazy Daze BarnTM and Rooftop Garden CondoTM. Product pricing is $19.95 to $24.95 plus shipping and applicable sales tax at

Owners Jayne & Kevin Platt say, "Marty, the newly adopted cat at the top of Mt Washington Observatory, has recently been photographed in the 1 Purrfect PalaceTM by the crew at the observatory where he now resides. He is the first cat to own a house atop Mt Washington - with his own property deed." See Marty's photo on our site at

The features and benefits of One Purrfect Places are their unique designs for cats of all ages and sizes, and their portability to move from room to room, or to store them away in the event guests arrive. Each house weighs approximately 2.5 pounds and it is a 100% recyclable product and made in the USA.

The product line is made of corrugated cardboard and each house has a distinctive colorful illustration on its front, back, sides and rooftop. One Purrfect Places are uniquely sized houses with a base of about 20 inches long by 15 inches wide and 16 inches high under the roof with plenty of room for most cats to sit up inside the house. The houses are very easy to assemble and each product package includes assembly instructions, currently in English with illustrations, and its own faux property Deed.

Retail sales programs are now available for pet stores, veterinary offices and other retailers. One Purrfect Place has a complete retail program available which includes custom display racks as well as POP. Orders can be direct shipped to any locations throughout the U.S. Please visit us at to see what the MEOW is all about.

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