Persian Named "Best in Show" at the 2008 CFA International Cat Show

Winner Selected Among 729 Pedigreed Felines at the Largest Cat Show in the Western Hemisphere

ATLANTA, GA and MANASQUAN, NJ - November 23, 2008 - The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) announced today that "Kuorii Santos of Cuzzoe," a black male Persian was selected as "Best in Show" at the 2008 CFA International Cat Show. "Santos" was bred in Italy and is owned by Justin Pelletier and Brandon Moore from Raleigh, North Carolina, and Paolo Carnevaletti (Venice, Italy) and Linda Acomb (Fallbrook, CA). The largest cat show in the Western Hemisphere featured 729 of the world's finest pedigreed felines at the Georgia International Convention Center during the three-day competition Nov. 21- 23, 2008.

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Every cat entered in the show is evaluated by a team of 6 professional judges, and reviewed according to a written standard for its breed. The standard is part blueprint because it describes the ideal specimen for the breed. A breed standard is precise enough to allow judges to evaluate cats accurately, and flexible enough to leave room for differences in interpretation between judges.

In addition, the following winners were also announced at the show:

  • Rickat's Jack Trick or Treat, a black male Bombay owned by Barbara Garneau was named the winner in the Short Haired Championship class. The Championship class is composed of registered, unaltered adult members of the 40 breeds recognized by the CFA
  • I-Catchers Cathedral, a Tortoiseshell Persian owned by Jane Lamas was named the winner in the Long Haired Premiership class (neutered males and spayed females)
  • Deydream High Hopes, a black and white Manx was named the winner in the short haired Premiership class (neutered males and spayed females)
  • Latin Lover D'Carlotta, a brown Tabby Female Exotic owned by Valery Boucher was named the winner in the Long Haired Kitten class
  • Loganderry Cooper of Hilltop Park, a brown Mackerel Tabby female Devon Rex owned by Claudia Hasay and Gerri Logan was named the winner in the Short Haired Kitten class
  • Feline Agility Competition was won by "Torch," an 11-month old, male, chocolate-spotted male Ocicat, owned by Sonja Moscoffian from Marshville, North Carolina. "Torch" completed the course in 11 seconds (beating out 27 other competitors)

"We're extremely thrilled at the tremendous success of this year's international competition," said Allene Tartaglia, CFA Executive Director. "The Cat Fanciers' Association congratulates all winners, and commends all participants in a truly exceptional competition."

The show marked its 20th anniversary this year, and was its first appearance in Atlanta since 1997. This is also the first time in eleven years the show has been east of the Mississippi River.

CFA recognizes 40 breeds of pedigreed cats. Among the breeds found at the show are the very popular and easily-recognized Persian and Siamese, as well as the impressive Maine Coon, the elegant Cornish Rex, the long and lean Oriental and unique hairless Sphynx.

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